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Our preferred manufacturer brands are:

Mega Slam, Spalding, SlamSports, GoalSetter, Sport Court, Goalrilla, Goliath, Dominator, Pro Dunk, Porter, Gared, First Team, Bison, JayPro, and Ryval

Preferred Manufacturers:


  • Spalding
  • Sport Court 
  • Mega Slam Hoops
  • Bison
  • Pro Dunk Hoops 
  • Gared
  • Slam Sports
  • Goalsetter
  • Goalrilla 
  • Ryval Hoops
  • Sport Max

Hoop System Types

In-Ground Hoop Systems

  • Adjustable - Play at any age and skill level with adjustable hoop heights

  • Fixed - One hoop height

  • Gooseneck hoop systems - Perfect for commercial applications, One hoop height


Wall Mount Hoop Systems

  • Fixed - Most common wall mount hoop type

  • Adjustable - Most adaptable for all ages


Ceiling Mount Hoop Systems

  • Manual Adjustable - Crank systems lower ceiling mounted hoops

  • Power Adjustable - Electric switches automatically lower ceiling mounted hoops


Portable Hoop Systems

  • Collegiate and Professional Level Portable Hoop Systems

Outdoor Installations

Basketball Hoop and Multi-Sport Component installations for Homes, Homeowner's Associations, Public and Private Schools, Cities, Parks and Recreation Departments, Boys & Girl Clubs, YMCA's, and more!


Indoor Installations

TD Sports Hoops has installed basketball goal systems in Gymnasiums and Home Gyms all across Southern California, Central California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Western Wyoming. We have installed a wide array of fixed and adjustable systems.